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Flo King Videos
These helpful videos will answer many of your questions about the products shown below.

This video shows how the Flo King BX650 and BX1200 are used in small to intermediate-size metal-finishing tanks.

As this video illustrates, the Flo King BX3000 and BX5000 are used in mid-size and larger tanks up to about 1500 gallons (5700 liters).

This video features the Flo King Lab Series, which is used for laboratory, prototype and clean production applications, typically in tanks up to about 10 gallons (38 liters) or so.

This video provides an overview of Flo King in-tank carbon treatment to remove organic impurities using Cartridges, Bags and Canisters.

The Slide-In Filter Cartridge Adapter (SIFCA) allows you to change filter cartridges without moving the pump from the tank. This optional accessory, shown in this video, is most often used on larger, heavier Flo King models or where pump access is limited.

As this video shows, the In-Tank Floating Skimmer is an optional accessory that captures floating particulates and small volumes of lightweight surface oil from the solution surface.

This video features the Kurt Tube, an optional sparger accessory that provides a highly uniform, unidirectional source of agitation on Flo King pumps.

The TA Kit, an optional Flo King accessory, enables you to pump a wide variety of metal-finishing solutions from one tank to another, as this video illustrates.